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Part 1 – Why The Time is Right to Grow Your Skills in Data

Data is the New Frontier

The demand for strong data skills is sky rocketing. With the rapid growth in Big Data, tools and technologies maturing and cloud computing coming to fruition, we’re amidst what some are calling the fourth industrial revolution and the Information Age.

Every major organisation is making use of their data and analytics to new opportunities and cost savings. If they are not, expect them to be left behind. As things stand, 77% of top organisations consider data analytics a critical component of business performance. 

Why You Should Learn and Grow Data Skills

Globally, companies are clamouring for those with strong capabilities in capitalising on data. With that, your data skills can bring you increased job prospects and pay, while also bringing you huge influence, policies and decision making potential in the workplace. 

CIOs globally ranked analytics and business intelligence as the most critical technology to achieve the organization’s business goals. Naturally, data and analytics skills are the No. 1 sought-after talent

SARAH HIPPOLD, Gartner ARticle
August 17, 2018

Well I’m not driven by money, and I’m certainly not driven to be the centre of attention! So why do I spend time learning? 

  • The Data Landscape is changing. Oracle and SQL experience got me into the industry. Today, while Oracle is still a giant, you could argue that they’re behind Big Data technologically speaking. Data is the new business language. What’s more, as we are in the ascent of the data industry, software engineering, artificial intelligence and automation all combining, todays skills requirements are changing rapidly. 
    The industry is moving and changing at rapid pace – To learn is to stay relevant 
  • It’s really satisfying growing your skills, not only that but then getting to use them! If you are in the Data industry, this is the perfect change to learn Big Data, Analytics, Visualisation- You can learn and apply those skills almost instantly as companies are crying out for these skills.
  • Dictate a career for the next decade – Big Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Developer, Data Scientist, Data Architect, DevOps Scrum Master – There is a genuine industry here that is growing. Roles are diverging into distinct skill sets – you can choose what interests you most and have a successful career. What’s more, data is not tied to any business industry – the skills used in Finance or Banking can be transferred to Video Gaming, Movie Streaming, Logistics, E-Commerce – where ever your interests lie!

Part 2 to come – How to Grow your Data Skills


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